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Background Investigations

Planning on starting a business or investing in a company or a financial venture, including marriage? Or, are you considering hiring a contractor, attorney or having a medical procedure? Any of these issues are reason to perform a background investigation on an individual, co-investors, licensed professionals or companies. Commonly this process is referred to as “due diligence”. Due diligence is what seasoned and experienced individuals or investors do to protect themselves from getting involved with an individual, company or licensed professional, that has a “shady” background. These types of investigations can usually be completed quickly and cost effectively, usually for a few hundred dollars, because we have over thirty years of experience in identifying the “red flags” in an individual’s character or background or in a company’s financial profile. But conducting them after you have suffered a loss becomes quite time consuming and can cost several thousand dollars for the simple reason that after a person is victimized, the burden of proof is on the victim to then accumulate factual documentation for presentation to an attorney, or to a law enforcement agency. Amazingly, we receive many requests to conduct a background investigation or locate an individual or company or assets thereof that has defrauded someone of their money or provided them with less than adequate professional services resulting in a loss of money or of receiving less than adequate professional services. So apply the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and call us before you become a victim.



Employment Background Investigations

Let us introduce you to the most comprehensive background investigation service available today. We provide our clientele with civil, criminal, credit, worker's compensation claims, liens and judgments, U.C.C. filings, corporation and fictitious business statement research. Why are these checks relevant?  Have you ever completed an interview and reference check process and were left uncomfortable with the results? Maybe you really like the applicant but there is something about them that turns on that little voice in your head. You can eliminate that little voice by utilizing our service to dispel those uneasy feelings by dealing with facts instead of just a gut reaction.

Another good reason for utilizing our service is known to lawyers and the courts as: DUE DILIGENCE. Once your hire someone you and your company become responsible for this person's actions for the duration of their employment.

There are two basic goals that any successful business must adapt. One is to make a profit. The second and most important for continued survival is to protect your business reputation. Ask yourself. Have you hired dishonest employees who have stolen from your company? Would your business survive a highlight on the six o'clock news about a workplace violence incident where employees and/or customers were injured or killed? We don't think so. Yet businesses everywhere hire people everyday that steal from their employers or could cause damage to the company's reputation.

The sad part of this issue is that most companies don't realize that employee theft has many effects on a company that become very expensive to rectify. As for a damaged reputation, once this happens at your company everything the company has worked hard to attain changes. Often insurance costs increase, employee morale decreases along with market share. These costs can easily accumulate to thousands of dollars.

Do your company a favor, call us. We can help your company make informed hiring decisions. Remember, honest and motivated employees help make a company successful.


Non-employment Background Checks

Background checks are available to the general public. If you are considering marriage; a business partnership; using a contractor to work on your home or office; considering using medical or legal services; or for any other legal purpose, our services will provide you with a detailed insight of any individual or business entity.

For prices, use our Contact Form or call: 1 800 997 7674.

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Business Related Services

We have conducted thousands of business-related internal loss investigations. The majority of these losses were attributed to the lack of internal loss controls that have resulted in large losses or high operating costs. In some cases, entire companies have folded due to these types of losses. Amazingly, most losses are initially viewed as acceptable operating costs by senior management.

We can provide your business with a professional loss prevention program. To this end, we can develop a comprehensive Loss Prevention program that can reduce operating costs if implemented and managed correctly. These programs are directed at:

  • Employee Theft
  • Shrinkage
  • Inventory Controls
  • Internal/External Fraud Exposure
  • Vicarious Liability Issues
  • Workers Compensation Losses, (Loss Control)
  • Recruitment & Screening
  • Security Staff Training Programs
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Workplace Violence Awareness
  • Site Security Surveys

COMPANY EXECUTIVES: We would like to offer you an opportunity to identify deficiencies within your company that affect your profit margin.  Donofrio & Associates is a licensed private investigation company which focuses its resources on providing executives like you with services that assure your financial goals for your company. Having personally been trained in intelligence gathering and investigation techniques, we originally provided only investigative services to clients. Over the last thirty years, those services have changed along with the evolving legal, social and economic conditions that have transformed our society and the work place. Therefore, where we were once requested to only investigate losses, we now receive more requests for preventing losses.

We believe you would agree that no business, private or public, is safe from an increasing diversity of losses. It seems that executives and managers are always faced with some type of situation they have to resolve. Most of these arise from employees but are not, in all fairness, totally responsible by this group. Any competent investigator or security director can successfully identify and stop one loss, but we pride ourselves in preventing losses, which is less expensive and is better for employee morale.

So, ask yourself the questions listed below. If you answer any of these positively, then you need our services! We are happy to discuss how our company's services can help you attain your goals.

  • Are your worker's compensation claims higher than normal for your industry?
  • Are your shrinkage percentages more than 4%?
  • Is your overall turnover over 30%?
  • Has your facility been burglarized more than twice in the last year?
  • Have your employees or clients been accosted in company parking lots?
  • Has your company equipment been stolen or damaged?
  • Are you constantly replacing equipment?
  • Are your equipment maintenance costs rising?
  • Has you company ever suffered a work place violence incident?
  • Are you losing clients to your competitors?
  • Has your company incurred any alcohol or drug related employee incidents?
  • Has confidential information been leaked form your company?
  • Has your company been named as a defendant in a lawsuit in the past 2 years?
  • Does your company use temporary employees?
  • Is employee morale low?
  • Is crime increasing around your company facility?
  • Are you unhappy with the product or service level your company provides?
  • Does there always seem to be small deficiencies with your product or service?

Again, if you answered yes to any of these questions, do yourself a favor and call us at 1 800 997 7674.

For more information, use our Contact Form or call: 1 800 997 7674.

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 Locate Anyone

Locate Anyone!  Find relatives, friends, businesses, business owners and locations.

Use our Contact Form or call: 1 800 997 7674 for discussion and pricing.



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Criminal defense investigation services are available in California. We have represented clients in all types of criminal cases including court appointments.

Use our Contact Form or call: 1 800 997 7674 for discussion and pricing.


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Personal injury, business related civil and family law investigation support services such as witness development and interviews, asset investigations and pre-trail preparation are available.

Use our Contact Form or call: 1 800 997 7674 for discussion and pricing.


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 Private Party Services

We also provide investigative services to the general public. These services usually focus on pre-marital background investigations and or surveillance.

Use our Contact Form or call: 1 800 997 7674 for discussion and pricing.


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   Skip Tracing Services

Skip Tracing Services for Lenders.  Locate customers and collateral.

Company History

Since 1977, Donofrio & Associates has successfully located thousands of customers and collateral for the financial industry. Located in the San Francisco Bay area, our national clientele use our services regardless of the assignment’s original venue.

Our Pledge

We tailor our services to your cost concern requirements on a per case basis. Specifically, we provide whatever effort you believe is in your best interest, albeit customer contact, field collections, skip-tracing and or collateral recovery coordination.

Diligence & Professionalism

Tenacity is a key ingredient of any field contact or investigation. However, we remain mindful of your customer’s rights and keeping your company reputation in tact, therefore we exhibit every courtesy possible when contacting your customers while copiously documenting our efforts to minimize loss exposure.

Please Call 800-997-7674 for Pricing

“Recovery related costs are not included in our pricing structure unless the collateral is voluntarily surrendered to one of our agents without further costs to the client. Clients can direct us to the recovery agency of their choice and if desired we will assign the recovery and maintain contact with the recovery service at no added cost.

Transport, storage and delivery costs are the client's responsibility. Donofrio & Associates will not forward fees to recovery agents chosen by clients. All amounts are due upon receipt of our invoice. Payments received after twenty consecutive days from the invoice date will be considered past due and late charges of two per cent of the billing amount will be applied to the account for each twenty consecutive days that the account remains past due.

We are aware of the services provided by recovery agencies and have no intention of competing with them or detracting from their business profitability. In fact, we often contract with recovery agencies even when a voluntary surrender of collateral applies.”

Contingent Fee Based Service: Use our Contact Form or call: 1 800 997 7674 for discussion and pricing.

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Lie Detection/Polygraph Services

Our lie detection services focus on the application of polygraph examinations provided only in California. Polygraph is a highly accurate, cost effective and valuable investigative tool for “cutting to the chase” of any situation like a cheating spouse in denial or specific business losses. Please either call or use the Contact for further information, pricing and availability.

Use our Contact Form or call: 1 800 997 7674 for discussion and pricing.



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Surveillance services are available to the private/public business sector and to the general public. Rates depend on the location, time coverage and type of surveillance. Whether you are checking on your spouse, your employees, your business competitor, or your home or business location, we provide national 24 hour/day surveillance services documenting activity with video and covert video services.

Use our Contact Form or call: 1 800 997 7674 for discussion and pricing.


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  Attorney Services

Attorneys and Litigation Managers:
Since 1974 our company has provided professional investigative services to lawyers. Assignments are worked by licensed and insured private investigators, not an apprentice. We access hundreds of databases containing billions of records assuring cost-effective investigative services for locates, asset investigations and due diligence efforts. These sources provide our legal clients access without sign up costs or deposits. Our national associates can assess any activity at an address within forty-eight hours of the assignment date.

Tired of hearing that your process couldn't be served? There's an easy answer:
Tuffserve. Our agents don't just make an effort we simply get the job done! Whatever it takes is our motto. Over the past 30 years, we have served process on hundreds of individuals that were making every attempt to avoid being served. We will work tenaciously within your budget constraints and we are always available to discuss our services so that you feel comfortable that the most cost-effective approach is the best approach.

What does it cost? Our rates are always reasonable for the services we provide. Normal service is billed at $55.00 per service. Clients are always advised in advance of estimated costs for difficult services. When your law firm's reputation is at stake, we shift into high gear and get the job done. Where possible, we also provide you with vehicle license numbers, property ownership and comments from witnesses or defendants.

For more information or to place an assignment, use our Contact Form or call: 1 800 997 7674.

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Management Solutions

Management Solutions provides clients with services so they can quickly and cost effectively adapt to growth or change. Ensuring that employees are correctly recruited, trained and managed can radically decrease a company’s loss exposure and increase revenues. Well trained and managed staff operating with a clear mission statement and organizational structure is critical to a company’s goal attainment.

We design solutions to meet client needs for organizational assessments; search assignments; organizational re-alignment of functions, positions, programs and services; on-site training and employee development; technical advice, coaching and counseling support.

Our consulting practice focuses on the following areas:

  • Organizational Analysis & Development Services
  • Organizational assessments
  • Workforce planning and development
  • Human resource program assessments
  • Succession plan strategies
  • Productivity improvement systems

Search Assignments

  • Design recruitment strategy
  • Source and pre-screen applicants for executive, professional, technical positions
  • Conduct applicant background checks (verify prior employment history, qualifications and credentials)

Organizational Re-Alignment

  • Conduct salary surveys
  • Develop Job descriptions
  • Design staffing plans and strategies

Training & Development

  • Assess training needs
  • Supervisory development
  • Workplace safety training
  • Sexual harassment prevention

For more information or to place an assignment, use our Contact Form or call: 1 800 997 7674.

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